Jim Adelt
Fine Woodworking

About the Artist

Jim is a self-taught artist. Born in 1953 in Chicago Illinois, Jim took to artistic woodworking as a child.  He would spend countless hours at a local Chicago Park District wood shop where he would create self designed wood and plastic items.  One of his early pieces is an end table that included his first use of the lathe to create a custom and artistic table leg.  This table is still in use today, some 40+ years later, in his mother's home in Chicago.  Throughout his high school years, Jim was avid in various shop classes where he continued his woodworking adventures but also added metal casting through his foundry classes.  He still retains many of the brass and aluminum pieces he created in those early years.  One of his favorite items is a brass eagle that hangs in his home in Montana.  Later he would visit the local high school at night and continued building various wood items for himself and for gifts.

Jim continued his career in technology, designing and implementing large scale computer systems for some of the nations largest financial services companies.

Today he is retired and spends his time in Montana hiking and fishing but still retains his love of fine woodworking.  He is registered with the state of Montana and participates in their "Made in Montana" campaign for small businesses.  This allows Jim to sell his Montana crafted items with the official stamp of the state.  Items made in Texas will not contain the stamp of approval for Montana but are of the same style and quality.

Why Griz Pens?  With the college football excitement for the University of Montana, I wanted to make a special pen that was in acrylic and the Montana Grizzlies colors of Maroon and Silver..... hence.... the first and original Griz Pen.....


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